on my own

own music

i can produce and and prefer recording acoustic instruments whenever possible.

I produce my own music without settling on a style, influenced among others by jazz, electro, folk, soul, funk. I love recording acoustic instruments whenever possible.

film / games / others

I love to make music for films games ads theater podcasts . I can produce in sync with a videoclip or a speaker program interactive music for games perform live (piano, clarinet, bass, software)
I love to make music for films, games, ads, theater and podcasts. I can produce in sync with given material or interactive music. I'm also totally open for playing live for performances or exhibitions.

Einmal ohne, bitte



about me

Michael Hochmuth

I went through a diverse music education, starting with regular instrument lessons since young age. On the piano, classical and jazz, I enjoyed education from university professors. Meanwhile I always strived to play in various ensembles - jazz combo, bigband, orchestra, brass ensemble, choir, other bands. Producing full tracks on the computer came into my life 2013 and became an integral part of my music-making.

Apart from music I study computer science since 2015, first in my hometown Bayreuth and currently in Berlin. I love couple-dancing (especially Balfolk), coding, coffee, cooking and also plenty of things not starting with "c".


Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always open for new projects!